Linear Solenoids - Compact Design

Cylindrical design linear solenoids with a fully enclosed coil produce significantly more force than open frame designs and because of their encapsulated coil construction, provide maximum protection.

Encapsulated solenoids are useful for applications where high power is required; the coil is protected, suited to arduous or exposed conditions where other solenoid designs would otherwise deteriorate, ultimately leading to failure.

RM20, RM26 and RM32 solenoids come with a double threaded shaft providing a push force or a pull force in one direction when energised, an internal spring returns the shaft to its rest position when de-energised, the shaft is not removable.

RM040 to RM100 solenoids come with either a double shaft offering a push force or a pull force or a single shaft for push only applications. The solenoid shaft can be removed entirely from the casing for inspection, or to assist mounting the device.

A mechanical solution to return the shaft, for example, an externally mounted spring, gravity, or part of the automated process is required to return the plunger to a home position.

RM series solenoids are nose-mounted, RM20 and RM26 solenoids come with a threaded nose, RM32, RM040 to RM100 solenoids are provided with threaded holes either end of the solenoid to secure the device to a surface.

Standard voltages are 24V DC, 100% ED rated with flying leads or a plug connection; other voltages or alternative duty cycles for increased force are available upon request.


3mm Push and Pull with Return Spring RM20 Solenoid 1.3MB
4mm Push and Pull with Return Spring RM26 Solenoid 1.2MB
8mm Push and Pull with Return Spring RM32 Solenoid 1.3MB
10mm Push / Pull Type RM040 Solenoid 1.3MB
10mm Push / Pull Type RM050 Solenoid 451KB
15mm Push / Pull Type RM060 Solenoid 1.5MB
20mm Push / Pull Type RM070 Solenoid 1.3MB
25mm Push / Pull Type RM080 Solenoid 1.2MB
30mm Push / Pull Type RM090 Solenoid 1.2MB
40mm Push / Pull Type RM100 Solenoid 1.2MB

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RM040 | RM40
RM050 | RM50
RM060 | RM60
RM070 | RM70
RM080 | RM80
RM090 | RM90