Linear Solenoids - Open Frame

Open frame linear solenoids, described as a solenoid with a mechanically unprotected visible taped coil, develop linear force in a single direction either push or pull when energised.

An open-frame design ensures the solenoid is light yet robust, designed for long service life and maintenance-free operation, providing excellent performance at a low cost.

Single shaft open frame solenoids provide either a push force or a pull force in a single direction only; double shaft solenoids offer push and pull functionality depending upon how coupled equipment is connected.

Some open frame solenoids incorporate an internal return spring so that the solenoid shaft returns when de-energised. Others require a mechanical solution to return the shaft, for example, an externally mounted spring, gravity, or part of the automated process to allow the shaft to return to a start position.

Standard voltages are 24V DC, 100% ED rated with flying lead connections; other voltages, spring return options and alternative duty cycles for increased force are available upon request.