Linear Solenoids - Open Frame

Open-frame linear solenoids, described as a solenoid with mechanically unprotected visible taped coils, develop linear force in a single direction, either push or pull when energised.

An open-frame design ensures the solenoid is light yet robust, designed for long service life and maintenance-free operation, providing excellent performance at a low cost.

Single shaft open frame solenoids provide either a push force or a pull force in a single direction only; double shaft solenoids offer push and pull functionality depending upon how coupled equipment is connected.

Some open-frame solenoids incorporate an internal return spring so that the solenoid shaft returns when de-energised. Others require a mechanical solution to return the shaft, for example, an externally mounted spring, gravity, or part of the automated process to allow the shaft to return to a start position.

Standard voltages are 24V DC, 100% ED rated with flying lead connections; other voltages, spring return options and alternative duty cycles for increased force are available upon request.

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MM05 | MM15
H08 | HO8
H09 | HO9
HD2206 | HD2246 | HD2286 | H2206 | H2246 | H2286
HD3206 | HD3246 | HD3286 | H3206 | H3246 | H3286
HU240 | HU244
HM107 | HM157
H4206 | H4246 | H4286
HU320 | HU324
H2406 | H2446 | H2486
HM207 | HM257
HD3406 | HD3446 | HD3486 | H3406 | H3446 | H3486
HD6206 | HD6246 | HD6286 | H6206 | H6246 | H6286