Kendrion GTH series electro-holding magnets have a compact round-shaped body made of hardened precision steel.

Due to their larger central pole dimension, GTH series electro-holding magnets offer a higher holding force than other designs of similar size.

The coil is vacuum potted with resin to prevent dust, oil, grease, liquids, vapour and mud ingress.

In an energised state, electro-holding magnets hold ferromagnetic workpieces. When de-energised, the workpiece disengages. The holding system works with a low operating current and is maintenance-free.

There are eleven body sizes; the largest achieves up to 4,890N of holding force.

Holding forces depend on the associated parts, such as mating material, minimum material thickness and diameter, and zero air gap with a smooth surface.

The standard voltage/duty cycle is 24V DC / 100%ED with 200mm flying lead connections.

Anchor plates are available to achieve the optimum holding force for the corresponding sized holding magnet.

Part Numbers Show…

GT015H050 | GT020H030 | GT025H060 | GT030H060 | GT040H060 | GT050H170 | GT060H050 | GT070H130 | GT080H040 | GT090H050 | GT100H030